In the Saw Shop: restored Stanley No. 10 1/2 carriage maker’s rabbet plane.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

Skowhegan, ME

It’s not often I get a chance to show a before and after of something I’ve restored to give people an idea of just what goes in to doing this.

Here’s the “before” of a first generation (1885-1892) Stanley No. 10 1/2 carriage maker’s rabbet plane (aka smooth rabbet).

These planes are in great demand, scarce to start with, and even harder to find undamaged. I don’t think even a mother could have loved this one though. Rusty, crusty, 95% of the finish gone from the body, most of the finish gone from the wood, you couldn’t even tell what kind of wood the tote and the knob were, missing parts.

Here’s the after picture of the same 10 1/2.

I think Mom would approve of this one now :). Thoroughly cleaned top to bottom, the body refinished, well sharpened, the tote and the knob turned out to be gorgeous Brazilian rosewood and treated to an old school linseed oil finish and clearcoated. This is a vintage tool that not only works great, it looks great too.

There is a world of beautiful vintage tools out there and I’m rescuing them one at a time :).

As always, if you’re interested in purchasing any of the restored vintage tools I show here on the block or in inventory on the website, give me a call at 207-399-7108, drop me an email, or visit me at any of the following locations:

Depot St, Norridgewock ME (Mondays)
Tractor Supply, Skowhegan, ME (Tuesday)
Arundel Flea Market, Rt 1 & Log Cabin Rd, Arundel, ME (Fridays)
298 W Front St, Skowhegan, ME (all other days)

If you’re looking for a special tool, please drop me an
email and let me know and I’ll restore one just for you!

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works provides mobile sharpening services across Maine and mail in services around the world for handsaws, carbide blades, planer knives, hand planes, chain saws, knives, scissors, hair clippers, router bits, and almost any blade!


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