Old tool YouTube videos, the good, the bad, the ridiculous: broad axe follies.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

Skowhegan, ME

First up tonight in the YouTube videos, we have a solid WIN in the axe column (finally!)

This video is an excellent one. Normally I preach right tool for the job, if you want to hew, you need a broadaxe. This technique of notching the log and then splitting off the chunks between the notches is a great way to get the job done with nothing but a conventional poll axe! Note the use of the short handled axe and also choking up on the long handled axe for more control. Good safety example!

Next up is this video which isn’t so pretty. This broadaxe is WAY too small for the job, making control problems likely, and cutting this way is an engraved invitation to catching an axe in the leg.

This video is like watching a woodpecker at work. If you’re going to hew a log, get a full sized broadaxe with a proper full length handle!

Just as a note on broadaxe work, a proper, full sized, broadaxe has a handle curved depending on whether the axe man is left or right handed and the axe man hews the opposite side of the log from where he’s standing. Much safer than trying to hew with a toy on the same side you’re standing on.

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