YouTube videos, the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly: More axe mayhem.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

Skowhegan, ME

It seems like there’s a neverending stream of good videos on how to do bad things with tools on YouTube. Here’s some more good ones to avoid.

The first video is a tutorial on splitting logs with a hatchet or hand axe. This video does get props for a good demonstration of wedges. Unfortunately, that’s WAY too small an axe to be doing that sort of thing with. The short handle makes a “between the feet” swing dangerous, the awkward bent over swing while standing on the supporting log is an accident waiting to happen. Also, you should never pound on the poll of an axe to use it for a wedge (this is a clear sign the axe is too light). Figure a boy’s axe with a 26-28″ handle or a full sized poll axe with a 36″ handle to do this right.

The second video gets black flagged for blatant misuse of a knife. The knife and the hatchet may weigh roughly the same but the weight of the knife is distributed along the length of the blade where the hatchet’s weight is in the head. Forget chopping wood with a knife.

The last video is a GREAT example of why you don’t fool around beating on a knife to split wood (you end up with a bent knife). The poster’s answer to this is to try to claim warranty service on the abused knife and buy another knife. Sheesh.

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