Old tool YouTube videos, the good, the bad, the ugly: Axe Edition

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

Skowhegan, ME

There are a lot of videos on YouTube of people working with classic old tools (such as the ones I restore). Unfortunately, a lot of them are good examples of what NOT to do.

First up, this video of felling a standing white pine tree definitely goes in the BAD file.

First off, NEVER push on a crosscut saw (ok, so that wasn’t an axe gripe 🙂 )! Second, skip the modern racing style axes with the huge curved bits. The axe in this video has WAY too much bit for the head weight and will take forever to do the job. Third, don’t choke up on the axe when you need power. At the end of the swing, both hands should be together at the knob end of the axe handle. Fourth, if you’re not taking LARGE chips from the tree, sharpen the darned axe! This video is like watching a woodpecker at work.

Second up, this ugly video sure needs a makeover.

These guys have got the axe swing down right and kudos for using a double bit axe instead of a poll axe. You just might think a couple of “professional” lumberjacks could tell which way the tree was leaning! Good lesson here, never assume that any tree is going to fall the way you want it to, no matter what you’ve done to make sure that it does.

Third up is the GOOD video!

Other than another axe with ridiculous bits, we have a nice sharp axe, full power swings, chips flying, and a tree that goes where it’s supposed to!

And, just for a bonus, here’s the funniest axe video I’ve seen tonight on YouTube.

This guy is actually cutting down a tree by pounding a light roofer’s hatchet (made for cedar shingles) with another hammer!

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