Restored vintage tools for Christmas, 31 days! Rare Simonds “moon and star” saw.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

Skowhegan, ME

Do you know someone who would appreciate a nice set of quality tools for Christmas? Before you head off to the big box stores to get the latest shiny junk made in China, take a look at our quality restored vintage “made in USA” tools (I’ll be featuring one or two great tools from inventory every day until Christmas!). Hand saws, crosscut saws, axes, classic woodworking tools, you don’t see these in Walmart!

I do a lot of very nice user tools but it’s rare that I get one that’s a true usable collectible! This is a spectacular 1901 Simonds #10 5 tpi rip saw. This saw features the rare early Simonds “moon and star”, both on the handle medallion and the bright fully readable blade etch. It’s unusual to find any saw of this age with this perfect an etch but with this one, unusual doesn’t describe it.

The blade on the saw has been thoroughly cleaned and sharpened, and the handle has been treated to a gorgeous old school linseed oil finish. $100.

To purchase any of the tools shown here, please email, call 207-399-7108, or visit me at any of the following locations:

Rt 201 (former Champion Glass), Topsham, ME (Tuesdays)
Arundel Flea Market, Rt 1, Arundel, ME (Fridays)
298 W Front St, Skowhegan, ME (all other days)

If you’re looking for a special tool, please drop me an email and let me know and I’ll restore one just for you!


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