Questions and answers: straightening a bent circular saw.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

I’m going to take a minute in this post to answer a question I saw come in to the saw sharpening blog today via Google.

Q. Can you straighten a bent circular saw blade?

A. In almost every case, don’t try it.

How do circular saw blades get bent? Other than the time honored practice of throwing skil saws round in the backs of trucks, the most common way to bend or warp a blade is to catch something metal in the wood you’re cutting, such as a nail, a spike, or other obstruction the tree may have grown around.

Hitting a metal obstruction can result in lost or broken carbides, broken teeth, or a totally warped saw plate. A broken tooth is an automatic scrap. Carbides can be replaced but it’s certainly not economical on most blades.

The problem with warped saw plates is that, aside from wrecking the balance of the blade, this actually stretches the steel in places, messing up the tensioning of the blade. Screw up the blade tensioning and you’re left with a potential structural failure, a spinning hand grenade.

I do know Forrest claims to be able to straighten saw plates. I don’t think I’d trust one from anyone much less than that level.


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