Tales from the saw sharpening shop: Announcing new weekly sharpening services in Topsham and Brunswick Maine!

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works announces new weekly sharpening services covering Topsham and Brunswick Maine!

We will be at the former Champion Glass location on Rt 201 in Topsham every Tuesday from 8am to 3pm with the mobile sharpening rig and vintage restored tools such as wood planes and saws available! From downtown Topsham, just take Rt 201 north towards Bowdoin, cross over I-295, and we’re just on the right!

Our mobile sharpening service offers almost all of our services, including kitchen knives, scissors and hair shears, and almost all woodworking tools, including carbide saw blades. Need lawn and garden or farm tools put into shape? Just drop by and drop off! Most blades are returned same day or even while you wait! For blades that cannot be done same day, we offer a one week turn around with the blades being returned the next Tuesday.

Come visit us on site tomorrow and bring your dull blades!


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