SwiftWater Edge Tool Works has gone mobile sharpening!

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works
Biddeford, Skowhegan, and all of Maine

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works logo

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works has gone mobile!
SWETW has thrown off the chains of the physical office! We’re proud to announce that we’re now completely mobile!

Mobile service means that now, instead of having to drive to us, you’ll be able to find us in your local area or you can even schedule a special appointment. Knives, scissors, hair dresser shears, handsaws, small circular saws, most small woodworking blades, many lawn and garden blades, and more can all be done right on site! Are you a busy beautician who can’t be without your scissors? Can you afford to be without your restaurant’s knives while you send them away to be sharpened?

Now, in many cases, you don’t have to be without your blades any longer than it actually takes to sharpen them! Some larger blades such as cordwood saws and damaged or bent blades may need to still come back to the shop to be worked on, but you won’t find a faster turn around for blades that are simply dull. Do you have an emergency sharpening need? Call us to come right on site and we can get you back and cutting the right way in a hurry!

Our mobile sharpening service produces the same high quality hand finished edges, just faster and more convenient!

Please check out our mobile sharpening location schedule , call us at 207-399-7108, or email us at saw@swiftwatertel.com for more information, detailed location information, or the schedule a visit.

Now we can not only put an edge on almost anything, we can do it faster and more conveniently than ever!


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