Now offer bandsaw and bandmill sawmill blade sharpening!

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works
Biddeford, Maine

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works Logo

Announcing SwiftWater Edge Tool Works new bandsaw and bandmill sawmill blade sharpening service!

Does the blade on your bandmill cut wavy lumber, produce more smoke than sawdust, or go so far off track that it runs out of the log? Whether it’s fine work on your shop bandsaw, milling your own lumber with a portable bandmill, or a full sized bandsaw sawmill operation, it’s impossible to make straight and up to speed cuts with a dull blade! A sharp blade is a happy blade and a happy blade is a productive bandsaw or bandmill!

Check out our bandsaw and bandmill sharpening prices for carbon steel and high speed steel blades to 2″ wide and 21′ long. For longer and wider blades, double sided blades, or carbide blades, please email or give us a call for a quote!


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