Win a free knife, tool, or saw sharpening, play “Stump the Sharpener”!

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Do you have an odd edged tool nobody can identify, much less sharpen? Do you have a knife that nobody seems to be able to sharpen right? Do your chisels, handsaws, or circular saws pine for the good old days when they were actually sharp enough to cut wood?

Take our sharpening challenge and play “Stump the Sharpener”!

Bring in or send us your most challenging tool or edge (*), the one nobody else can do or do right, the contrary edge that just makes everyone throw up their hands. If The Sharpener manages to prevail and conquer, you get a quality sharpening job for your oddball or trouble edge at a great rate. If you manage to “Stump the Sharpener”, you win a free sharpening of your choice, up to a $25 value!

(*) “Sharpening challenge excludes: band saw blades, milling machine bits, hair trimmers/clippers, and blades that are intended to be disposable. We reserve the right to refuse tools or edges that unrecoverable due to physical damage or excessive rust (we’re good but we can’t raise the dead).”

One winner per household.

Drop us an email at or call 207-399-7108 for more information or to take the “Stump the Sharpener” challenge! Visit our web site today for all of your sharpening needs!


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